Bliss by Noel Qualter


Bliss will amaze your audience – whether in a parlor setting or a close-up reality. Watch the video below to see how the effect will take your viewers by surprise. The true mystery is not as much in the disappearance of a signed bill, but more in the location and appearance of the bill in an unorthodox location – the least of which your spectators expect.

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Bliss (Gimmick and Online Instructions) is an illusion that blows your mind - not necessarily because of the skill of the illusionist, but more because of the unorthodox location in which a signed bill appears after it has disappeared. Seriously... something like your audience has never seen before. Simply vanish a signed bill and boom (mic drop), the bill appears in the least suspected location that your audience will do nothing less than voice their amazement... even at the second the magic happens.

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Weight .35 lbs
Dimensions 4.2 × 5 × 2.2 in

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